SOLID Series, A+T / Harvard GSD

author: A+T Architecture Publishers

editorial: A+T / Harvard GSD


a+t magazine of architecture initiates SOLID Harvard GSD, a compilation of the academic knowledge that was shared in the four symposiums directed by Iñaki Abalos in the academic year 2014-2015 under the same tittle: “All that is Solid…”. The collection of essays, projects and conversations reflect the actual complexity and the challenges of the discipline, and at the same time traces new ways in which to progress.


SOLID Harvard GSD is a series that demands, that claims for knowledge and reflections as essential elements for architectural practice that questions the dominant ideas, which suggests new stories, new visions of reality and that provides intellectual tools to interpret the environment, that environment that we think we know.


SOLID Harvard GSD includes three numbers: Design Techniques (nº45), Organization or Design (nº46), Interior Matters (nº47).


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