Zhuhai Huafa Contemporary Art Museum

The museum is the product of an interest in addressing the place and the brief by introducing a tension between the solid, closed vocation of the museum spaces, and the desire to generate a specific festive world in the open air, emerging and showing itself above the building in the form of a great panoramic lookout tower.

This compositive duality or contraposition becomes an opportunity to try out new climate control techniques based on the interaction between the two spatial modalities involved in the composition of the building.


2013 -

client: Zhuhai Huafa Investment Co.

location: Zhuhai, China

program: Museum

area: 24.992 m²

status: Under construction


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)
Linxue Li (Atelier L+)

Collaborators: Chenchen Hu (Coordinator AS+ Shanghai), Alvaro Majan (Coordinator AS+ Madrid)
Timothy Brennan, Weilun Tsui (Cambridge),
María Auxiliadora Gálvez, Juan Enríquez, Ana Fernández, Elena Vallejo,
Yin Hongde, Li Huanhuan, Ni Runer, Liu Jieling, Wangyiqing (Shanghai)

Thermodynamics: Bing Wang, Salmaan Craig

Renderings and animation: Jin Shang Animation

Structure: Hanif Kara

Model: Si Fang Qi Yi Architectural Model Co., Ltd