Xurret, urban bench

What do we do in the public space? Basically, we are sitting or standing, still or in movement. In this sense, a bench is something more than just a seat; it is a condensator for views and movements; an object that requires to be constructed with more than just the traditional ergonomic premisses. A bench that doesn’t tell us how to sit or where to look, that doesn’t precondition our behavior, that interposes itself  ambiguously between the landscape and us while retaining a certain autonomy from both and is therefore able to generate unsuspected dialogues, seems like an appropriate stimulus to relate our body to the world. XURRET’s scope is to construct reference points.


Xurret  is a free combination system of  five  pieces and three colours that, through  its mere presence, provokes different ways of appropriating and activating places.



location: Coast Park, Forum Barcelona.Spain

program: Urban furniture


Design: Iñaki Ábalos , Juan Herreros y Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos&Herreros)