Usera Public Library

The library programme consisted of a bundle of medium-size pieces, autonomous rooms, in which landscaping and institutional aspects shared a similar importance. It was reasonable, then, to think about a vertical organization not only in functional terms –minimizing cores and circulations, simplifying construction, offering diaphanous floors, – but also figuratively. Designed as a mid-size tower, the library serves as a catalytic converter, eorganizing the natural space of collective activity in Usera. Established as a center piece and, the “urban meaning” adopted, it becomes a connecting node to the adjacent parks system, when resolving topographic fault and posing green and paved areas in order to create a larger entity.


2003 - 1995

client: Comunidad de Madrid

location: Usera, Madrid, Spain

program: Urban Library, Public use

area: 3.500 m2

status: Built


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Juan Herreros, Angel Jaramillo (Ábalos&Herreros)

Building Site Manager: Ábalos&Herreros, Mª Dolores Minarro

Collaborators: Miguel Kreisler, Pablo Puertas, Rocío Rein

Collaborating Artist: Peter Halley

Structure: José Manuel Sierra, Juan Gómez

Facilities: José María Cruz, Pedro José Blanco

Economic Proposal: Juan José Núñez

Quality Surveyor: José Torra

Equipment and furnishing: Pablo Puertas

Rendering: José Alcobeda, Miguel Kreisler

Model: Queipo Maquetas (Jorge Quiepo)