Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taiwan RPC

From human being origins, people doing circles around someone who is speaking, singing, dancing or arguing -under a tree shadow if possible- has been the main characteristic of performing.  Our music halls maintain this original condition and extend their geometry to the whole complex, which turns into a group of big trees with a stratified structure, as the local tropical forest, working at the same time as a functional scheme and an environmental strategy: Against the typical configuration of a principal and a back façade this project achieves a total urban isotropy, not only with four but with five facades in relation with the context.



client: Taipei City Government

location: Taipei. Taiwan

program: Performing Arts Center

area: 48.105m²

status: Internacional Competition. Third Prize


Architects: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Local Architect: Ricky Liu and Associates

Collaborators: Jorge Álvarez Builla (Project manager) ; Andrés Besomi Terrazas; Margaux Eyssette; Víctor Garzón; Nissim Haguenauer; Pablo de la Hoz; Ismael Martín; Alfonso Miguel; Laura Torres Roa.

Structure: BOMA (Agustí Obiol) / KLC & Associates

Thermodynamics: CENER (Florencio Manteca)

Facilities: Frontier Engineering / C.C.LEE & Associates

Theatre Consultant: Theateradvises BV, Netherlands / PAT, Taiwan

Stage Machinery: Thyssen Krupp Spain (Ángel Pérez Sellers)

Acoustics: Arau Acústica (Higini Arau)

Evacuation: Taiwan Fire Safety Consulting

Traffic: THI Consultants Inc.

Rendering: Andrés Besomi Terrazas, Pablo de la Hoz, Transference Cosmos Model

Model: Transference Cosmos Model