Biomethanation and Composting Plant

The architectural and landscaping project being presented aims to create a unique and singular identity, a re-founding of the location based on the three elements that go to form the complex: the natural environment, with its emphatic promontory; the artificial environment created by the architecture; and the industrial processes of classifying and recycling the waste accommodated within it.

To do this, a synergetic layout of the individual elements has been proposed with some being supported on others, thus creating an effect of mutual need and natural/artificial unity. The complex will appear as a promontory that dominates the surrounding flatland, and consist of two complementary slopes: from the highway it will appear as a natural hill inviting people to climb up and reach the Pavilion which tangentially crowns it. From inside the Pavilion (an Orientation Center) one will see the eastern slope, a set of terraces that gradually descend like bits of mosaic garden, forming a landscape that is artificial, symmetrical and complementary to the natural one, which is only to be encountered from that position. Below it, the various forms of treatment will replicate the natural topography and that created by the architecture, laid out in a linear organization of successive terraces that echo the gravitational character of the selection and recycling process. Due to this, it has been decided not to separate the Orientation Center from the remaining installations, but rather to site it atop that process, thus allowing one to read and understand it from the first unloading operation to the final storing of the recyclable byproducts obtained in seamless continuity with the visitors’ area and the natural setting.


2003 - 2001

client: Consejería de Gestión y Desarrollo del Medio Ambiente. Comunidad de Madrid

location: Pinto, Madrid, Spain

program: Solid Urban Waste treatment plant

area: 24.925 m2

status: Built


ARCHITECTURE: Ábalos&Herreros
Project directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Juan Herreros, Renata Sentkiewicz
Collaborators: Wouter Van Daele

STRUCTURE: Intexsa-Inarsa, S.A.

M/E: Intexsa-Inarsa, S.A.

EQUIPMENT: Comsa Medio Ambiente, Urbaser, Dragados