Shenzhen Low Carbon City Architecture

This project responds to the programmatic diversity, high density and carbon ratio per person fixed by the competition analyzing the climatic, cultural and topographic specificities of the area and fixing a set of principles to propose an efficient, systemic and flexible approach to the overall design. Significantly, although we assign a critical role to the thermodynamics performance, the design process focuses with the same intensity in the symbolism and quality of the public spaces guided by the cultural patterns that climate determines here and in all human societies. Quality of life means healthy air, respect for tradition, sensibility with the landscape and innovation, both social and architectural. Thermodynamics means the possibility to reverse from now on the wasteful use of our limited resources inherited from modernity.



client: Shenzhen ILCC Planning & Construction Leaders Office

location: Shenzhen, China

program: Mix Use (Research / Office / Commercial / Residential)

area: 463.200 m²

status: Project


ARCHITECTURE: Ábalos + Sentkiewicz (AS+)

Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (AS+)

Collaborators: Xiaoshi Wang


Architecture Design & Research Institute of Tongji University
Team: Linxue Li, Hongde Yin, Yang Liu, Jinjin Wang, Runer Ni, Yongqian Jiang, Keng Li

A+E Architecture Design
Team: Renzhong Wang, Yingying Xia, Rui Xu, Luncai Tan, Lingxiao Tang, Piaohai Zhang, Wentao Zhang, Tingwei Song, Xinran Jia, Qian Liu, Hua Chen