Shanghai Grand Opera House

There isn’t hither to any Opera House in the world that attempts to truly EXPRESS ARCHITECTURALLY, the emotion that opera produces in humans; the perfect symbiosis of an instinctive feeling that emanates from our organic nature, with a unique sensation of levitation, of “spiritual flotation”, that invades our minds.


Buildings based in banal metaphors of musical instruments are not valid anymore; neither are the ones relying in historical models. We cannot even appeal to the mannerist attempts of  “even harder” stylistic exercises. We want to express, as abstractly and concisely as possible, the contrast between the telluric passion and the spiritual levitation that makes of an opera performance the most emotional and culturally intense experience that art is able to produce.


The Shanghai Grand Opera House will not follow any model, any banal figurative reading. On the contrary, it will require and generate an analogous commitment to the one of listening to opera, seeking to resonate with its experience, translated to the mineral language of architecture.





client: Shanghai Lujiazui gruop Co.Ltd

location: Shanghai, China

program: Opera

area: 110.000 m2

status: International Competition


ARCHITECURE: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+)
Collaborators: Jerónimo van Schendel , Alejandra Salvador, Eduardo López, Natalia Deus, Laura Florentín, Héctor Múñoz (AS+), Yiqun Wang (Atelier L+)

LOCAL TEAM: Linxue Li (Atelier L+)

STRUCTURE: Lluis Moyá, Agustí Obiol, Xavier Aguiló (BAC ecg)

ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY: Matthias Schuler, Nadir Abdessemed, Raphael Lafargue (TRANSSOLAR)

THEATER CONSULTANTS: Louis Janssen, Gerbrand Borgdorff, Caroline Noteboom


MODELS: Shanghai Xiuneixiumel Make Models CO.LTD. ,
ShanghaiI Ruihe Culture Comunication CO.LTD