San Antonio Park

The design presented for San Antonio Park is at once a strategic project proposal and a methodological approach to intervene in this essential enclave for the regeneration of the center of Medellín.The project is a strategic urban policy that projects a future for the city which accounts for the participation of multiple agents, the necessity to return to inhabiting the center in order to make it more attractive, and it creates the possibility of rearticulating public spaces which are currently semi-abandoned. The center of the city is the vehicle for exerting a positive impact on civic and social life. It is also a methodological project, precisely because it combines the accumulated knowledge and rewarding experience of EDU´s (Urban Development Company of Medellín) persistent presence in the city with that of a group of professional organizations surrounding the office Ábalos-Sentkiewicz (AS+), specialists in landscaping, urban design, thermodynamic knowledge and bioclimatic issues with experience in developing projects at urban scales. The collaboration is rigorously experimental in character, as the people working on this team operate their careers in close relationship with the teaching their respective disciplines in the most advanced  international schools.



client: EDU, Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano, Municipio de Medellín

location: Medellín, Colombia

area: 53.597m2. Housing (12.537m2), Offices (25.113m2), Commercial (3.890m2), Urban facilities (510m2), Parking (11.447m2)

status: Aproved. Project under developement


Architecture: Abalos+Sentkiewicz (AS+)

Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz

Collaborators: Alexander Jacobson , Álvaro Maján, Héctor Muñoz, Eva Castiñeira

Energy and Sustainability: Salmaan Craig, Alexander Jacobson

Landscape: Teresa Galí-Izard