Residential Pavilion in Calle Orfila, Madrid

Given its location in the historic centre, beside the Palacio Coca, this prototype experiments with common ground between the tradition of vantage points in Madrid and a permeable curtain wall protected from the sun.

A compact, deep building, cross-ventilation, north-south arrangement and central courtyard, combined with large openings with solar protection form a thermodynamic arrangement, present in traditional architecture, of south-facing daytime rooms, north-facing bedrooms and services in a ring around the courtyard. Superposed on this layout is a series of terraces that excavate the section, creating large outdoor living spaces in direct relation with the leafy grounds.


2009 - 2006

client: Olabe S.L.

location: Calle Orfila, Madrid, España

program: Residential, Commercial, Parking

area: 1.984 m2

status: Built


Client: Olabe S.L.
Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)
Collaborators: Víctor Garzón (coordinación), Elena Cuerda, Juan José González, Ismael Martín, Luis Matanzo, Alfredo Muñoz
Facilities: Pedro Blanco
Quantity Surveyor: Ramón Paradinas
Construction: CYR proyectos y obras