Princeton Carpark, New Jersey.

This project forms part of a vast plan to modify the vehicle access to the Princeton University campus, landscape of the entire area, and replan the university’s environmental, sports and laboratory facilities. The demand for a huge car park (which after the stadium is the largest volume in the entire area) in the plan and the desire to give this infrastructure a specific character are reflected in the three decisions defining the project:

– The shape with rounded corners —a functional solution that reflects vehicle movement but also a resource that enables to define the volume and to isolate it compositionally, giving the      building direction and form.

– The inclusion of small alternative programmes (offices, a bus station, a gym) —on the one hand necessary to give life and protection to the project; and on the other, strategic when it comes to establishing a dialogue between the gigantic scale of the stadium and the comparatively small size of the astronomical observatory and the sports pavilions near it.

– The prefabricated ornamental wrapper —which introduces an intermediate scale between people and things, and indicates in an abstract and generic way the proximity of the beautiful historic core of Princeton University.



client: Princeton University

location: Princeton, New Jersey.United states

program: carpark

area: 36.000 m2

status: project


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos y Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz),

Collaborators: Alfonso Miguel, Jorge Álvarez-Builla, Aaron Forrest, Ismael Matin

Landscaping and environmental studies: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Parking Consulting: Walker Parking Consultants

Renderings: Aaron Forrest, Ismael Martín