PLANTA project for Sorigué Foundation

The PLANTA project is located in the gravel pit of the Plana del Corb, in a position that connects the quarry and the original topography, allowing it to serve as a Museistic space for the collection of contemporary art of the Foundation, and as an Observatory of the entropic processes of time and human action, tying the plastic experience with the productive-ecological one.


The Planta project is also a Thermal Machine of 7500m2 , built with materials directly extracted from the quarry, and based in an organization of Form/Matter/Flux, which passively manages radiation, natural lighting  and ventilation, according to an advanced thermodynamic conception. This synthetic character, which at the same time is programmatic (museum, observatory, thermal machine), performative and material, aims to connect the times and cultures of the place. For that purpose, it serves itself from the resources and iconography present in there,  to produce an artifact whose “new primitivism” evidentiates  the interest for revising the value of time (or of history, if it is required).



client: Fundació Sorigué

location: Balaguer, Lleida. España

7.500 m2

program: Museum

area: 7.500 m2

status: Project


ARCHITECTURE: Ábalos + Sentkiewicz (AS+)
Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (AS+)
Collaborators: Alejandra Salvador, Eduardo López, Teresa Casbas, Sofia Lens

STRUCTURE AND INSTALLATIONS: BAC Engineering Consultancy Group
Team: Xavier Aguiló, Gerard Claveria, Alejandro Nava

Team: Alex Ivancic, Oriol Gavaldá

LANDSCAPE: Teresa Galí (Arquitectura Agronomía)


MODEL: Taller de Maquetas Jorge Queipo
Team: Carlos Espinosa

RENDERS: Eduardo López (AS+)