New Bund District mixed use block

The project for New Bund District mixed use block consists of two different volumes. The first one, smaller, gives place to a fire-station. The other one was planned as a massive volume, a seven floor of mixed use building of great built depth. AS+ proposal wants to put in relation both scales, and those with the urban fabric that will be built in the surroundings, even bigger in scale. Making this ensemble technically relevant and its composition suitable is the main architectonic purpose of the present project.


2018 - 2015

client: Shanghai Yangrui Investment Co, Ltd.

location: Shanghai, China

program: Offices, Retail, Firestation

area: 16.000m2


ARCHITECTURE : Ábalos + Sentkiewicz (AS+)
Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (AS+)
Collaborators: Eva Castiñeira, Alexander Jacobson, Hao Chen

LOCAL DESIGN INSTITUTE: Pudong Design Institute, Shanghai


RENDERING: Ginsun CG, Shanghai

MODEL: Yi Zhao Model, Shangai