New Bund District Church

The New Bund Church is located at the entrance of the recently New Bund International District, and shapes a natural opening gate. The former lot is part of a park that grows lengthwise to Huangpu River in accordance to urban planning.


The internal configuration of religious spaces wants to emphasize the community character, preserving good acoustic and visibility conditions at every corner of the temple, due to a balanced volume-surface relation. The portico gate, the triangular bell tower, the public green roof and the volumetric layout of the group create a natural belvedere over the Park and Huangpu River.


2018 - 2015

client: Shanghai New Bund International Bussiness District Investment (Group) Co, Ltd

location: Shanghai, China

program: Church

area: 2.837 m²


ARCHITECTURE: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+)
Collaborators: Teresa Casbas, Adrián Úbeda (Schematic Design), Adrian Úbeda, Álvaro Maján, Alexander Jacobson, Eva Castiñeira (Schematic Design); Álvaro Maján, Alejandra Salvador, Hao Chen, Chenchen Hu (Design Development); Alejandra Salvador, Hao Chen, Yiqun Wang (Construction)

LOCAL DESIGN INSTITUTE: Shanghai Pudong Architectural Design & Research Institute Co, Ltd

PHOTOGRAPHY: Zhang Yong (ZYArch Photographer)