Mixed Use in Nanjing

The aim of the project is to bring architectural variety and environmental quality to this element integrated in an excessively simple, uniform urban growth systematic. Based on local climatic characteristics and mixed uses, two rings of energy exchange are organized; one between the overall volume and external climatic factors (especially ventilation and radiation) and the other based on internal energy exchange between the brief’s sources and sinks (activities with heat gain surplus or scarcity) throughout the daily cycle. The integrated management of these two rings serves to promote a holistic understanding of mixed uses as a bioclimatic strategy at the scale of the high density city.



client: Zhejiang Xuefeng Joint Real Estate Development Company Limited

location: Nanjing, China

program: Residential, Commercial and Parking

area: 208.410 m²

status: Project


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz), Linxue Li (Atelier L+)

Collaborators: Timothy Brennan, Chenchen Hu, Xiaokai Huang, Chenxing Li, Bing Wang
(Ábalos+Sentkiewicz), Kaifeng Zhou, Chao Xu (Atelier L+)