Lolita Office Building, Madrid.

The guiding concept is to create a stimulating work atmosphere by replacing the typical material and modular vestiges of the office building with an indoor landscape that interrelates with the different scales of the landscape outside: the landscape of motorways, their kinetic lines replicating and accompanying; of the distant views, towards which its volumes are turned; of the public park and its own garden, with which it interacts by means of the shadows of the trees and the reflection of the water.


2009 - 2006

client: Singlehome

location: Madrid, Spain

program: Office Building and Parking

area: 4.865 m2

status: Built


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz ,Alfonso Miguel (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Collaborators: Jorge Álvarez-Builla, Eva Gil, David Huang

Structure: Eduardo Barrón

Thermodynamics: Aiguasol

Facilities: Ineco 98 (Raquel Laplana)

Quantity Surveyor: Ignacio Blázquez

Construction: Singlehome, S.A.

Landscape: Juan Von Knobloch

Interior: Ángel Verdú (B&V Interiores)

Rendering: David Huang