Jinwan Cultural Center

The key goal of the project is to maximize sustainability and encourage the engagement of the citizen in a quality urban and cultural life, and specifically states the importance of avoiding the image of a monolithic shopping mall.

The program is described as a Cultural Centre for Citizens, and the environmental context of the ensemble -an artificial island located in an strategic urban position in a lake- is specially interesting for setting an ecologic design basis.

The  urban design proposal aims to maximize the urban experience through the fragmentation of the built volume and produce an intense urban fabric: The city as an integration and coordination of interesting urban experiences.

The natural conditions are appropriate to make extensive use of passive resources to guarantee environmental comfort.  This ambient regulating tools are traditionally used in China, especially in the South.  The island works naturally as a heat exchanger, dissipating extra heat and refrigerating built volumes in contact with water mass, through natural ventilation and radiative cooling. In opposition to a big unique volume configuration, a system of garden areas, trees, small built volumes and textile surfaces can compose a balanced microclimate.



client: Zhuhai Huafa Investment Co.

location: Zhuhai, China

program: Cultural Center

area: Public area: 34.411 m². Built area: 22.800 m²

status: International Competition. Second Prize


ARCHITECTURE: Abalos+ Sentkiewicz + Atelier L+ (ASL+)

Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (AS+) , Linxue Li (Atelier L+)

Collaborators: Chenchen Hu, Alejandra Salvador, Álvaro Maján, Alexander Jacobson (AS+)
Hongde Yin, Runer Ni, Kaifeng Zhou (Atelier L+)