Aranberri Co-living

Itziar combines a mountainous rural setting with an industrial estate associated with the motorway, built in a brutal violation of the topography of the place. In the form of a volume that brings together four dwellings for members of a family into a residential complex that shares the ground and some spaces, the house is a present-day interpretation of a life associated with the country and vegetable production without being either folkloric or indifferent to tradition. The position chosen for the new construction, as well as providing privacy, favours sun exposure, ventilation and views of the mountains and the sea, obeying criteria of climatic adaptation that are present in local tradition.

Its materiality and form address the contemporary industrial context that marks the two contrasting realities of Itziar. In a semi-basement and rooftop, the building also houses a brief for a workshop, studio and refuge for a family member. The double roof configuration offers a counterpoint in the section that varies its relation with the geographical setting as it rises: the garden, the vegetable production plot, the mountain and the sea succeed each other as landscape references for each dwelling.


2014 - 2006

client: Aranberri Family

location: Deba, Spain

program: Coliving, atelier, farm

area: 1.506 m²

status: Built


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Collaborators: Alfonso Miguel, Víctor Garzón, Jorge Álvarez-Builla, Rodrigo Rieiro, José Rodríguez

Structure: Eduardo Barrón

Facilities: MANPROJECT

Quantity Surveyor: José María Roteta