Gym Pavillion in El Retiro

The aim of the project is to obtain an image that is related to certain vegetation constructions of great tradition in gardening, and especially in ‘Buen Retiro’, where historically have been placed extraordinary examples of spaces constructed with hedges and “trillajes”.

Emulating these references, the project wants to create a contemporary vision of the pavilion in a garden through abstract composition with the vegetation material, so that the new construction appears as an amalgam of natural and artificial elements and a plastic composition which gives the characteristic for this park identity.


2003 - 1999

client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid / IMD

location: Madrid, Spain

area: 664 m²

status: Built


Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Juan Herreros, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos &Herreros)

Collaborators: Ángel Jaramillo, Fermina Garrido

Structure: Obiol y Moya (Agustí Obiol)

Quantity Surveyor: José Torras + IMD

Project Management: Ábalos &Herreros + IMD

Renderings: Jakob Hense

Model: Jakob Hense