Gongbei Checking Complex

Located in the busiest border crossing in China – connected the Asian continent with the island of Macao – the intervention starts from the existence of a previous project especially inappropriate for the severe climatic conditions of Southeast Asia. The local authorities asked AS + to rethink the intervention by presenting a sustainable alternative. The proposal integrates the functions of bus interchange, shopping center and high-rise offices in a single complex of mixed-use.

The break of the envelope of the building seeks the most favorable orientations and protects the interior by projecting cast shadows while adapting to a program without defined dividing lines between commercial uses and offices, which is the origin of the terraced section. This decision formed a prism that reduces its plan area as its glazed surface increased, so that the section of the building adjusted its dimensions progressively in line with the overlap of different programs.

The enclosure is made by a slate of a characteristic red color that reinforces the crystallographic appearance giving the complex a strategic urban presence in the customs between two states. Looking to complete a set of large architectural complexes composed of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zhuha, the Customs tower and the same mixed-use complex of Gongbei, forming the gateway of the great bridge that connects Zhuhai, Hong Kong, and Macao .



client: Zhuhai Huafa Group

location: Zhuhai, China

program: Mixed Use ( retail space, offices, car park, bus station)

area: 64.000 m²

status: Schematic Design


ARCHITECTURE: Abalos+Sentkiewicz (AS+)

Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz

Collaborators: Chenchen Hu, Timothy Brennan, Zhenhuan Xu, José Mayoral, Alex Timmer, Emiliano Domingo,Adrián Úbeda, Álvaro Maján.

ENERGY + CLIMATE: EA Buildings - Environmental Analytics

Partners: Diego Ibarra, Nathan Gauthier, Rolf Sielfeld

LANDSCAPE: Arquitectura Agronomía

Principals: Teresa Galí &Jordi Nebot


Principal: Luis Cabrejas