Gongbei Checking Complex

The project grows based in three initial points.
– The high (very high) radiation, especially diffuse radiation, prioritizes the protection of the majority of single glass panels from being exposed not only to the sun but in all directions.
– Self shadowed volumes will reduce efficiently the excess of radiation.
– Constructive systems for the facade do not require thermal mass or inertia but thermal insulation.

These criteria have driven the design team to consider the volume as an organization of cubic volumes with self casting shadows, shifted at a 45 degree angle from the original E/N (the most critical orientation), that develop in height following the fluid shape of the original volume, but contrastingly, create a completely new image, one which is more mineral/vegetal than liquid so to speak; a voluminous rock or gigantic conglomerate that gives a unique expression and with remains of the slope of a curved roof while its traditional scales have become bigger in terms both in total volume.



client: Zhuhai Huafa Group

location: Zhuhai, China

program: Mixed Use ( retail space, offices, car park, bus station)

area: 64.000 m²

status: Schematic Design


ARCHITECTURE: Abalos+Sentkiewicz (AS+)

Project Directors: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz

Collaborators: Chenchen Hu, Timothy Brennan, Zhenhuan Xu, José Mayoral, Alex Timmer, Emiliano Domingo,Adrián Úbeda, Álvaro Maján.

ENERGY + CLIMATE: EA Buildings - Environmental Analytics

Partners: Diego Ibarra, Nathan Gauthier, Rolf Sielfeld

LANDSCAPE: Arquitectura Agronomía

Principals: Teresa Galí &Jordi Nebot


Principal: Luis Cabrejas