Fundació Tàpies

The project aims to help consolidate a new generation of museums seen as centres for cultural production, proposing a multiple spatiality in keeping with the diversity of artistic practices, the need for thermodynamic balance, the appreciation of heritage that has been passed down, and a shift from atmosphere to the intensified experience of visitors, who are offered a view of the complex programmatic fabric that supports cultural production and the Modernista building itself as an integral part of the exhibition system.

In environmental terms, the extension represents a substantial improvement in natural lighting of the original building and in the form of the complex, including the intervention in a single volume for improved control and reduction of energy exchange, thanks to which the surface area is increased and the existing HVAC systems modified.


2010 - 2007

client: Fundació Anotni Tàpies

location: Barcelona, Spain

program: Cultural

area: 4.150 m²

status: Built


Client: Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Architecture: Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Collaborators: Víctor Garzón (coordinación)
Haizea Aguirre, Elena Cuerda, Ismael Martín
Alfonso Miguel

Structure: Agustí Obiol, Javier Asensio (BOMA)


Quantity Surveyor: Eduard Casanovas (CASOBI)

Lightning: Josep Mª Civit (Spaillum)

Furniture: Mairea

Construction: SAPIC

Graphic Design: Mario Eskenazi