The Flying Spine

The longitudinal spine that runs through the ZhangJiaBang Green Wedge is an opportunity for an extraordinary linear balcony along the whole park. Combining the character of a fitness, health and security infrastructure brings interesting conditions that invite to a cultural understanding of the park’s ecology. This thin line acts as a key element in the landscape, as an object in itself, acquiring a minimal and elegant yet rotund image, with its undulating profile. The combination of a technical approach, developping the project from the optimization of the section, and the plastic one, that establishes the Yellow color (deeply charged of symbolism in Chinese culture) as a key project element, distinguish this “Spaguetti Pavilion” from any other infrastructure nearby, and allow it to enhance the natural dimension of the park.


2018 - 2017

client: Shanghai Pudong Properties Group Co, LTD.

location: Pudong, Shanghai. China

program: Pedestrian and Bike Spine

area: 5,5 km long by 6 km wide

status: International Competition. First Prize


ARCHITECTURE : Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz (Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+)
Collaborators: Jerónimo van Schendel, Sofía Blanco, Alejandra Salvador, Hao Chen, Caio Barboza, Eduardo López, Laura Florentín (Competition & Schematic Design), Sofía Lens, Teresa Casbas, Tania González, Andrea Vallés, Yiqun Wang (Construction)
Local Architect: Linxue Li (Atelier L+).


RENDERING: A3 Infoarquitectura

VIDEO: Eduardo López (AS+)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Zhang Yong (ZYArch Photography)