Eco Art Island. Urban Design of Cultural Centre

Chinese urbanism has lately shown a strong tendency to stand cultural centers as isolated building areas taking no part in city general organisation. This buildt areas are just an isolated agglomeration of productive activities outside city life. Against this trend, the project tries to make this productive activity germinate. Considering Yiwu as the world´s biggest small-commodities trading center, its exhuberant material culture claims for the generation of a lifefull Cultural Center.


The project proposes a new canal that will divide the urban complex in two big areas: an Island equipped with the Design and Business new University and a Performing Arts Centre, and a urban mixed residential-service area containing also the Contemporary Art Museum, some Hotels and Convention Centres. A pedestrian area will host workshops, student-housing and small businesses. The living area, equiped also with restaurants and shops, evocates the traditional typologies of the region, where business are historically based on the close relation with water-shore of river trade activities.



client: Municipality of Yiwu

location: Yiwu, China

program: Culture Centre and Mixed Use Development. Urban Design

area: 1.360.066,59 m2

status: International competition. 3rd price