Dualisms – Harvard GSD

Most historic architecture takes its composite tension from two theoretically incompatible morphological organizations that correspond to different disciplines or languages. This composite tension usually involves the union of two organizations that possess both a degree of compatibility and incompatibility, leading to the appearance of a kind of “Frankenstein’s monster”—a hybrid, characterized by dualism. These types of unions between different forms and materials can be carried out physically—and in this case the assemblage will probably display seams and scars—or by processes of chemical fusion, giving the “monster” the appearance of a unique organism whose greatest visual effect is a new, surprising “naturalness.”


We like to think that this dualistic combination not only serves to generate prototypes that contribute to a new notion of quality, but also provides some answers to the shortcomings facing the new metropolises and their inhabitants.



client: Harvard University Graduate School of Design

location: Boston.United States

program: Exposition


Curators : Iñaki Ábalos y Renata Sentkiewicz (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Exhibition Design: Iñaki Ábalos y Renata Sentkiewicz

Collaborators: Jorge García de la Cámara, Milou Teeling (Ábalos + Sentkiewicz)

Director of exhibitions: Dan Borelli

Exhibition production: David Zimmerman-Stuart, Frank Braman, Ray Coffey, Sarah Lubin,Jack Mauch, Joanna Vouriotis.

Text editing: Jake Starmer

Vieo : Angel Borrego (“ Dear Monsters”)