The Best of 2017




The international acknowledgement of AS+ has continued to grow over 2017. We have been invited to 6 important restricted international architecture competitions, such as the Shanghai Grand Opera House, the Flying Spine, the Generation Convergence Center and Startup Incubator in Seoul, the Embassy of Qatar in Spain, New Prototypes for Service Stations, the Productivity Promotion Center in Hangzhou Bay and VíaIrún. During this period AS+ actually won two of these international competitions: the Qatari Embassy in Madrid and the Flying Spine, both of which are currently under development.


During this same period the office’s constructive capacity has improved, as we are currently managing 7 works under construction: the second phase of the Transport Hub of Logroño, two Villas in Casares, Málaga (Spain), the new church of the New Bund neighborhood in Shanghai, the Contemporary Art Museum in Zhuhai, the mixed-use urban block in the New Bund neighborhood in Shanghai and the Art Gallery in Wuhan, which has already been completed.


At the same time, the projects commissioned all through 2017 have expanded AS+’s geographical scope of action, comprising projects in Colombia, United States, Korea and Costa Rica.


In regard to landscape and urbanism projects, the Felipe VI Park in Logroño and The Flying Spine in Zhangjiabang Park in Shanghai are currently under construction. The Special Plan for Urban Redesign of the LIF 2004 area has been carried out and approved, and the documents for the Revitalization of the Center of Managua —a competition won in 2016— have been handed in.




Churchin the New Bund neighborhood, Shanghai




Two Villas in Casares, Málaga




Second Phase of the Logroño Transport Hub




Mixed-use block at New Bund, Shanghai




The Flying Spine




Contemporary Art Museum of Zhuhai





The work of AS+ has also achieved international recognition by having been invited to the Chicago and Chile Architecture Biennials, “Make New History” and “Unpostponable dialogs”, where two of the office’s key projects have been showcased: the urban project for the area of San Antonio, in Medellín, and the Planta Project, a Project to host the Contemporary Art Collection of the Sorigué Foundation, located at the gravel pit of Corp del Balaguer, in Lleida, Spain, both of which construction works will begin in 2018.



Planta project at “Make New History”, Chicago Architecture Buennial




Two books edited and published in 2017 show the office’s past and present career path:  the reedition of “The Good Life”, now published in English by Park Books comprising a new editorial design and revised text; and the edition of “AP164: Ábalos&Herreros”, carried out by the CCA (Centre Canadien d’Architecture) and Park Books in English, French and Spanish.



The Good Life. A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity                                           AP164:Ábalos & Herreros





Finally, the teaching career of the firm’s directors in Madrid ETSAM and Cambridge GSD Harvard University has also produced two significant works: the All That is Solid series, published by A+T, bringing together the theoretical discussion and innovations led by Iñaki Ábalos as Chair of the Architecture Department in GSD in three volumes (A+T numbers 45, 46, and 47). On the other hand, the “Entropy, History, Time. Architecture for Infrastructure for a gravel pit in Spain” is a collection of the methodologies and resulting work of the like-named Option Studio carried out during the Fall 2017 Semester, edited and designed by the actual students enrolled in the course.




All that is solid


We would like to send all our gratitude to the office’s collaborators, experts and engineering companies that have made this year full of projects and works possible. And of course thanks to our clients who have put their trust in our work and expertise.