The Best of 2018

Dear friends,


The first six months of 2018 have been intense for AS+. We would like to share with you some of the activities: 





– AS + wins the international competition Vía Irún for the urban planning of the railway area. The planned/expected arrival of the AVE in this border area with France involves the possibility of generating a strategic urban space of great dimensions and completely transforms the structure of this city, with an economic and urban impact in its Basque-French environment. The final project will be delivered in 2019.




– AS + wins the competition by invitation organized by the city council of Quart de Poblet (Valencia) and Attica Group for the construction of the new neighborhood of Molí d’Animeta. The new district involves the construction of 861 homes together with their equipment and the formalization of the neighborhood to the ecological park of Molí d’Animeta. The complex has been designed to generate an urban and landscape environment of high energy efficiency and maximum accessibility.




– AS + collaborates with Atelier L+ and TJUPDI Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute in the winning proposal of the International Competition for the design of the NDCPC (New District City Promotion Center) in Hanzhou Bay (China), a complex of offices and administration facilities aimed to promote the economy and sustainability of this new district and that of its citizens. AS + has designed a civic space  for gathering and relationship that will provide public life to this administrative complex.



-AS + along with TJUPDI Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute have been selected for the international competition for the development of the new urban design of the Yangpu River Bridge front. It is one of the most ambitious projects not only in Shanghai but in a global scale with approximately one and a half million square meters above ground, plus those corresponding to the restoration of its important industrial heritage, approximately half a million square meters. The project is not only a technical challenge due to its commitment to environmental urban concepts and advanced issues, but also due to its strategic position, at the point where the majestic Yangpu River is overlaps the Yangpu Bridge embracing the complex to be designed, with a river front of kilometer and a half and an extension of 500 hectares.



(Last news! AS+ and TJUPDI proposal for the Yangpu River Bridge front has been selected to run the second and final phase in competition with the largest architecture and engineer company/firm nowadays. This selection has been made for a high qualified jury with member of the Chinese Academy. Confirms a solid support to the methodology and to the creativity developed by AS+ since its foundation in 2006. We´re not allowed at the moment to include images of the proposal)


-AS + together with Sio2Arch are selected for the restricted competition for the development of a block in the Carmel neighborhood in Barcelona. The location and the program combine public services and residence aspects with public spaces/areas in a pattern of the high areas of the city of Barcelona.





-The works of the Art Gallery in Wuhan have been finished. It’s a small restoration project of a well-known publishing company located in the British Concession of Wuhan (a metropolis with 14 million inhabitants strategically located between East and West China). The restoration of this small building will serve to begin the important residential complex in its surroundings, strategic in the in the map of the central areas of Wuhan



– The construction works of Villa Cortesín 1 in Casares (Málaga) have been finished. Detached housing is always a challenge for architecture and a dream come true, with effort, for clients. We are proud to show you this generous in size in an environment of great beauty, exceptional climate and unbeatable views in the municipality of Casares (internationally known for the images that Rudofsky included in his exhibition Architecture without Architects held at the MOMA in 1964 and whose evocation is part of the repertoir of the project).




-The works of the Bus Station and Felipe VI Park in Logroño and The Flying Spine in Shanghai, are expected to be finished by 2019. The Church works and the Mixed-Use Block both in the New Bund in Shanghai, are expected to be finished by the end of the summer of 2018.









Pergola and Waterpond. Logroño. Already in the presentation of the competition (2004) that led to the works of the Intermodal Station and the Felipe VI Park it was considered to place in the northwest area a pavilion and a pond taking advantage of the good orientation and flatness of this area. The project that we present is a small pavilion in the form of a pergola that curls on itself following a geometric pattern of identical sides that under a trace of sequence of a triangle, a square, a pentagon, a hexagon and a heptagon, chained sharing a common side. It’s the compositional matrix of the geometry of the stations and the Felipe VI Park, designed by AS +, which gains a three-dimensional presence here. The Pergola will be made in exposed concrete y and covered with climbing plants, and will serve as a meeting and resting point taking advantage of the passive comfort generated by the pond and its fountains in the hottest days.


The project is carried out in collaboration with Arquitectura Agronomía, by Teresa Galí and Jordi Nebot




Urban lighting: project carried out with the technical collaboration of Maurici Ginés (Artec3). It is an octagon of large dimensions hanging 8 meters high from the oculus of the 70 meter dome meant to cover the access to both the train and bus station of Logroño, continuing the Felipe VI Park developed in its rooftops. A new door of the city of Logroño is created in this way. The purpose of the lamp is to free this space of conventional urban furniture and illuminate both the pedestrian areas and the dome at night. It is based on the latest techniques applied to LED technology to improve the lighting quality and economy of the operation and maintenance. Its reference in the traditional illumination of domes and other palatial spaces are here adjusted to the patterns that dominate both the built complex and the landscaping of the area.






The Good Life (Park Books, 2017) has been awarded at THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SWISS BOOKS 2017, an exhibition organized by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, which awards the most beautiful editions of the year. We are delighted from the first day with the innovative design of this edition and the typographical work of its designers Samuel Bänziger, Rosario Floro and Larissa Kasper.

– The Good Life, whose first edition is from the year 2000 and has been published in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Italian, will also be edited in Chinese by Tongji University Press (Luminocity), one of the most important publishers in China, specialized in art and architecture books, translated by architect Su Chang

-On October 24 will take place in the ETSAM the presentation of the book Textos Críticos, a compilation of texts and essays written in recent years by Iñaki Abalos, published by the Department of Architectural Projects of the ETSAM.

-Between the 15th of February and the 6th of May of 2018 it took place in the Fundación Ico in Madrid the anthological exhibition of the works by Joaquin Vaquero Palacios for different river basins in Asturias for the development of different hydroelectric power plants, curated by his grandson, also architect, Joaquín Vaquero Ibañez with a great and justified recognition. Iñaki Ábalos, together with authors such as Rafael Moneo, Juan Navarro and others, collaborated in the catalogue of the exhibition (edited by the ICO) with the text “Némesis y Epifanía. Un apunte sobre la fortuna de Joaquín Vaquero Palacios”.






Iñaki Ábalos will direct and coordinate in the ETSAM from year 18/19 one of the units of the Master’s Degree in which professors such as Nieves Mestre, Javier García Germán and Renata Sentkiewicz will collaborate, as well as outstanding professors and professionals invited.

-The AS + team in Madrid grows and consolidates once the activity in Harvard of its senior partners has decreased. Jerónimo van Schendel, AS + Office Manager, architect from the ETSAM and MArch II at Harvard University has recently been appointed Director of the Master in Architectural Management and Design at the IE School of Architecture and Design.

Teresa Casbas, architect from the CEU (Madrid), has received the Extraordinary Thesis Project Award (2016-2017 academic year) and the Award for the Best Final Degree Project in Architecture (2016-2017 academic year). The Thesis Project of Sofía Lens, architect from the ETSAM, is currently exhibited at the “Becoming” exhibition of the Spanish Pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2018 and has been selected as one of the 100 best in Europe at the Young Talent Architecture Awards Awards of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. The Thesis Project of Andrea Vallés, architect from the ETSAM, has been a finalist of the VII Final Projects Project of the XIV BEAU, held in Santander in July 2018.



All these different activities are an example of something important in AS +: the construction of a way of understanding architecture based on the quality of design and increasing the links between the professional and the theoretical activity, between the technique and the culture, with special attention to global problems. There are no scales or programs or minor or indifferent contexts for innovation, creativity and knowledge.