AS+ wins the International Competition for a 5.5 Km pedestrian-biking Bridge and Spine in Shanghai

AS+ wins with “The Flying Spine” the First Prize in the International Competition for a 5.5 Km long pedestrian and biking Bridge and Spine in Zhangjiabang green wedge, Shanghai, organized by Shanghai Pudong properties Group.


The park is one of the most important green spaces of the Pudong area in Shanghai, currently under construction . The proposal The Flying Spine, with a total length of 5.5 km and  almost 2 km of elevated bridge, crosses the park passing  through its different areas, enhacing the  ecological, cultural and leisure values of the site.


The proposal consists of a metallic spine to walk, to practice exercise , and for  landscape contemplation that runs in an undulating line through the different parts of the park. It contains a significant number of pavilions located in the spots of higher landscape quality and culminates  in a pier with a meditation pavilion and cafeteria -restaurant dominating the aquatic surface of the park.