22.05.2017 “ENERGY ACCOUNTS” has been published

The book “Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy, Climate, and the Future” has been published. Edited by Dan Willis, William W. Braham, Katsuhiko Muramoto and Daniel A , it includes the article Thermodynamic Materialism: body / building / city by Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz



Edited by: New York, Routledge.
Languages: english
1st edition, 2017
Pages: 289 pages
Dimensions: 25 x 19 cm
ISBN: 978-1-138-91406-3



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How does one tell the story of energy production, use, or conservation in a manner sufficiently convincing to influence policy, behavior, and design? Energy Accounts explores potential answers to this question through compelling images, data visualizations, narratives, and other examples of accounting for energy. Organized into a collection containing both examples of best practices and critiques, this impressive array of projects and contributors combines text and graphic material to explore different representations of energy data. Including work from KieranTimberlake, SHoP, AMO, Abalos+Sentkiewicz, Lateral Office, WOHA, and many more, the book boasts a unique graphic design which supports and enhances its role as a valuable resource for professionals and students in architecture, engineering, and urban design.