01.05.2017 “EL DISEÑADOR TOTAL” has been published

The book “El Diseñador Total” by Lluís Ortega, with preface by Iñaki Ábalos, has been published.



Edited by:Puente Editores, Barcelona
Languages: spanish
1st edition, 2017
Pages: 77 pages
Dimensions: 18 x 12 cm
ISBN: 978-84-945274-2-5



You can buy the book  HERE



El Diseñador Total is a reflection on the relations between technology and creation. In a discipline such as architecture, whose temporal dimension is consubstantial with its reason for being, this text contributes to a relatively unusual essayistic form within the architectural historiographies, but which has had a great influence in the contemporary architecture: how the historical thematization of the post industrial technology has been one of the fundamental questions in the conquest of a contemporary condition and in the connection between the critical theoretical activity and the professional practice. What is unique about this essay is that it focuses on what it means for us architects, a highly technical instrumental context beyond the conventional entanglement in their formal fecundity or the productive efficiency of digital instruments. Or, even better, its central theme could be defined as a response to how this context should be interpreted in order to make the author and time synchronize, be more creative and problematizing, and, above all, be one in a time Particular: in our time already to some extent post digital.