Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+ is an international architecture office settled in Madrid (Spain), Cambridge (USA) and Shanghai (China), directed by Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz. Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz have taught in prestigious university centres such as GSD-Harvard University, Architectural Association, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, ETSAM, combining the academic, professional and research activity. Iñaki Ábalos has been Chair of the Department of Architecture at GSD Harvard University and RIBA International Fellowship 2009 (Royal Institute of British Architects). He is currently Chaired Professor at ETSAM.

The projects and built work of Abalos+Sentkiewicz AS+ are internationally recognized, have been subject of 18 individual exhibitions and many collective exhibitions in the most prestigious centres: GSD Harvard, AA-London, Pavillon de l’arsenale-Paris, MoMA-NYC (5 built works in three different exhibitions: Light construction, ON Site, Groundswell), Chicago Architecture Biennial, Biennale di Architettura di Venezia, etc.

This prestige also reflects in the 40 awards received (25 of them first prizes) in architecture competitions. Another 46 awards have been given to different research and design activities, 19 of them to Built Works. Their professional work has been collected in 11 monographs and their theoretical work has been compiled through 12 books. Critic William Curtis has chosen one work of the firm, the Pavilion in the Retiro Park, as one of the three best works built in Spain during the last 30 years.


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Iñaki Ábalos, San Sebastián                                                     Renata Sentkiewicz, Kolo


Iñaki Ábalos

Master´s degree in Architecture (1978) and Ph.D. Architecture (1991) from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM).

– Founder and Director of Abalos & Herreros (1984-2006).
– Founder and Director since 2006 of Abalos+Sentkiewicz since 2006
– RIBA International Felowship 2009. Royal Institute of British Architects.
– Chaired Professor, ETSA Madrid (2002).
– Chair of the Department of Architecture GSD Harvard University (2013-2016)

Iñaki Ábalos is professor in residence in Harvard University GSD and chaired professor of ETSAM. He was appointed “Buell Book Fellow” and “Visiting Professor” at Columbia University (New York, 1995), “Diploma Unit Master” at the Architectural Association in London and “Professeur Invite“ in the EPF Lausanne 1998. He was “Jean Labatute Professor” at the University of Princeton (New Jersey, 2004-2007),“Visiting Professor” at Cornell University (Ithaca, 2007-2008), and Professor at BIArch (Barcelona, 2010-2012), “Kenzo Tange professor” GSD Harvard (2009), “Visiting critic” in Architecture and Urban Design GSD Harvard (2010-2012), “Professor in Residence”  GSD Harvard (2012-), Chair of the Department of Architecture GSD Harvard University (2013-)

His work has been widely published in journals and monographs, such as “Abalos & Herreros” (GG, 1993), “Areas de Impunidad” (Actar, 1997); “Recycling Madrid” (Actar, 2000); “Abalos & Herreros, Grand Tour” (CAAM, 2005); Ábalos, Herreros, Sentkiewicz Arquitectos (DA Documentos de Arquitectura nº 63, COAA, 2007), Abalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos. Thermodynamic Beauty, 2G (nº 56, GG, 2011); New Natures. Abalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos. (Q estudio, 2014); Abalos+Sentkiewicz. Form, Matter, Energy (AV Monografías de Arquitectura 169, 2014); and Essays on Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty (Actar, 2015).

Author of “Le Corbusier. Skyscrapers” (Madrid Town Hall, 1988), “Técnica y Arquitectura” (Nerea, 1992), “Tower and Office” (The MIT Press, 2003) and “Natural Artificial” (EXIT, LMI,1999) with Juan Herreros. On his own he has written “La Buena Vida” (GG, 2000), (“The Good Life”, GG, 2001, english version, “A Boa Vida”, GG, 2002, portugese version), “Campos de Batalla/Battlefields” (COAC, 2005), “Atlas of the Picturesque” (vol. I, GG, 2005 and vol. II, GG, 2007); “Naturaleza y Artificio” (GG, 2010) and has coedited the monograph Alejandro de la Sota (Arquia, 2010) with Moisés Puente and Josep Llinás.

Member of the Scientific Committee of CIBARQ Congress organized by CENER (Spain) since 2005.
Director of the first Congress CIBARQ organized by CENER (Spain), 2005.
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Study Center of CCA Montreal (2005-2011).
Curator of Sustainable?, meeting of experts in the CCA, 2007.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Barcelona Institute of Architecture (BIArch) (2008-2012).
Curator of the Spanish Pavillion at 2014 Venice Biennale

Renata Sentkiewicz

Master of sciences by Cracow Polytechnic School of Architecture (1998).

– Collaborator in Ábalos&Herreros since 1999, as Associate architect in 2001-2006.
– Founder and Director of Ábalos+Sentkiewicz since 2006.
– Member of the Zero Energy Alliance (since 2009).
– Professor of the Laboratorio de Técnicas y Paisajes Contemporáneos since 2002.
– Associate Professor of Architectural Project Design at the ETSAM (2007-2012).
– Adjunct Professor in BIArch (Barcelona) 2011.
– Visiting Critic GSD Harvard University since 2012.

Her professional work has been widely published in different national and international publications, in the monographs Ábalos, Herreros, Sentkiewicz Arquitectos (DA Documentos de Arquitectura nº 63, COAA, 2007); Ábalos+Sentkiewicz arquitectos. Thermodynamic beauty, 2G nº 56 (GG, 2011); New Natures. Intermodal Station in Logroño (Q Estudio, 2013); Abalos+Sentkiewicz. Form, Matter, Energy (AV Monografías de Arquitectura 169, 2014); and Essays on Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty (Actar, 2015).

She has given workshops and seminars in architecture and landscape in different international centres ( Berlage Institute, the IUAV in Venice, the Festarch Cerdegna, the EURAU, the COAC, the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the CEU Madrid, Fundación Telefónica, Alhóndiga in Bilbao).

She is the editor of Cuatro observatorios de la energía (COA Canarias, Santa Cruz de La Palma, 2007) and Campos Prototipológicos Termodinámicos (ETSAM,UPM,Madrid).




Madrid office



Communication: Alba Fernández

Collaborators (ES): Elena Inoriza / Beatriz Sanz / Chenchen Gao / José de Andrés / Carlos Pascual / Andrea Vallés / Tania González / Sofía Lens / Teresa Casbas / Natalia Deus / Eduardo López / Laura Florentín / Jerónimo van Schendel / Isabel Ramos / Héctor Muñoz / Eva Castiñeira / Francisco Castelví / Alejandra Salvador / Adrián Úbeda  /Álvaro Maján / Rocío Rein / Emiliano Domingo / Alessandra Raffo / Juan Enríquez / Lucía Redondo / Elena Vallejo / Ana Fernández / Marina Bicca / Elena Díaz-Santos / Thomas Gazzetta / Alejandro Brito / Carmen Forés / Miguel Díaz / Jesús Medina / Fabio Mantuano / Rodrigo Rieiro / José Rodríguez / Deborah López / Tullia Monachesi /

Collaborators (US): Sofía Blanco / Caio Barboza / Alexander Jacobson / Milou Teeling / Gabriel Muñoz / José Ramón Sierra / José Mayoral / Alex Trimmer / Timothy Brennan / Weilun Tsui / Xiaokai Huang / Chenxing Li / Juan Pablo Corral/

Collaborators (SHA):): Simin Tao / He Meiting / Hao Chen / Chenchen Hu /Linxue Li / Hongde Yin / Yang Liu / Jinjin Wang, Runer Ni / Yongqian Jiang / Keng Li/

Collaborators (2006-2011): Alfonso Miguel / Víctor Garzón / Laura Torres / Jorge Álvarez-Builla / Paz Zapico / Fernando Sánchez/ Iskra Sergeeva / Lucía López / Ismael Martín / Juan Manuel Jerez / Nissim Haguenauer / Carlos Gor / Margaux Eyssette / Alejandro Valdivieso / Alice Covatta / Adrià Clapés / Elena Cardiel / Giulia Carboni / Andrés Besomi/  Mario del Castillo

The office has a group of widely experimented collaborators: the most prestigious in every field. In each case this team is reinforced with experts or local architects guarantying the maximum adaptation to the local uniqueness and maintaining the characteristic quality of the firm.


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